About the shop

Nesma Shop makes available to our fans around the world the products that Nesma has created as music, videos, tickets to shows, costumes, etc.

Since its establishment in Madrid in 1998, Nesma’s company has developed much of its activity between Spain and Egypt where we have collaborated with numerous great artists. With our projects we want to promote and spread throughout the world the rich Arab musical and dance tradition and the wide possibilities it offers of integration with other cultures.

We dedicate all our attention and creativity in achieving the level of excellence of our products for the artistic content as well as the quality of production and presentation.
To facilitate the distribution of digital content, our audiovisual productions are available for downloads in our store.


We hope you enjoy listening and discovering our music, videos and other creations.


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Our Philosophy

  • Spread Arab cultural richness
  • Support the artists
  • Share Nesma’s love for dance
  • Value and promote cultural diversity
  • Defend the value of femininity and equality
  • Revitalize the legacy of al-Andalus
  • Fight with Art for the Art of Understanding