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How do I download the music I purchased?
Once you have purchased music tracks or album, you can download the file from the same web page from a link that appears in the order confirmation message, or later on from the email confirmation of your order. The link allows you to download the audio file if it is a track, or in the case of an album a ZIP file is downloaded containing all the files of the album.

What should I do if I can not download the files?
First you have to make sure that the file is not in the download folder of your device. If you have done all the checks and you can not download, please contact us by email to: shop@nesma.es indicating your order number, a brief description of the incident and your contact information.

Are the sound files compatible with my player?
MP3 files are compatible with all portable devices. It is the most universal online music format today. However it may be incompatible with older CD players.
If you want to download music to burn a CD, we recommend using the WAV format that is compatible with all CD players.

What does the album include?
When you buy an album, you will receive a ZIP file with the following contents: all tracks of the album in the selected audio format, the album cover in JPG format, the English and Spanish PDF booklet if available for the selected product.

What does the track include?
The track includes only the MP3 or WAV file you have purchased. Once you have downloaded it you can add it to your favorite music player and listen to it on all your devices.

When do I have time to download the music file purchased?
The link that allows you to download the music file you have purchased does not expire in time but is valid for one time downloading only. If you have an incident with the download of your order, do not hesitate to contact us by email to: shop@nesma.es indicating your order number, a brief description of the incident and your contact information.

What is the difference between MP3 and WAV formats?
MP3 is the most universal compressed audio file format. It is the standard format for online music stores. Being compressed it takes up less space in the players but this advantage also affects the quality.
WAV on the other hand is the most purist format because it does not compress or affect the sound file. It is the most common format used on CDs.
It is recommended when quality is a determining factor, but more space is required for storage so it is not recommended for mobile players (smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, etc.).

How do I receive tickets to the shows?
The order confirmation email serves as the ticket to attend the show you have purchase. The organization alsokeep a listing of tickets sold with the name of the buyers. Contact us if you have any incident with your tickets, printing, etc…

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