Del Nilo al Guadalquivir

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Artist: Nesma

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Del Nilo al Guadalquivir  from the Nile to the Guadalquivir

“Poetry means everything to the Arab peoples.” The exalted poets from throughout history, Arab and Andalusi alike, thread through the handiwork of dance, setting the tone, giving meaning to and mapping the path From the Nile to the Guadalquivir.

This disc of the music from the dance show From the Nile to the Guadalquivir compiles a wide range of Arabic music styles performed on traditional instruments. You will enjoy listening whether you dance or not.


Track listing:

1. Nesma’t El Nile by Ahmed Abdel Fattah  |  Classical oriental dance  (6:28)

2. Del Nilo al Guadalquivir by Ahmed Abdel Fattah  |  Andalusi dance (5:45)

3. El Gourya by Kamal El Tawil  |  Traditional dance with melaya  (4:32)

4. Sukari de Ali Hassan Kuban  |  Nubian dance  (4:52)

5. Lamouni Ligharou Menni  |  Traditional Tunisian song  (5:28)  

6. Raks El Shamadan  |  Traditional Egyptian dance with candelabra  (4:42)

7. Lamma Bada by Salim Al-Masri  |  Andalusí dance  (5:33)

8. Raidak by Mahmoud El Sherif  |  Classical oriental dance  (3:56)

9. Shakawet El Bannat  by Ismael El Geby  |  Percussion solo dance  (5:50)

10. El Reda Wel Noor by Kamal El Tawil and Mohamed El Moogy  |  Classical oriental dance  (4:34)

11. Nesma’t El Nile Finale by Ahmed Abdel Fattah  |  Oriental dance finale  (2:52)

Total playing time: 54:34


Produced by Nesma
Recorded January 1998 in Cairo at Magic Sound Studio by Ahmed Abdel Fattah

Catalogue Ref. : ND0101

©2005 Nesma Music



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