The Sword Dance

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Artist: Nesma

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The Sword Dance & other mysterious pieces  |  Magic Dances Volume 2

The most inspirational pieces to dance either with or without sword and to create mysterious ambient music with an Egyptian flair.

On one hand, we find pieces in the purest Egyptian style, for those of you who enjoy dancing to traditional instruments and full orchestras. On the other, we have explored a fusion of electronic and acoustic music. The result is fabulous and incredibly evocative of sword dance. These pieces will also suit those dancers with a very personal style, who enjoy tribal dance and are very creative on stage.

Track listing:

1. The Enigma of the Snake   Ahmed Abdel Fattah   (5:58)

2. Born Free   Ahmed Abdel Fattah. Lyrics: Ezzeldin Hassan (6:05)

3. No More War   Ahmed Abdel Fattah   (4:42)

4. Playing in the Oriental Garden   Ahmed Abdel Fattah   (5:31)

5. Secret Castle  Ahmed Abdel Fattah   (4:10)  

6. With Peace and Love  Ahmed Abdel Fattah. Lyrics: Ezzeldin Hassan   (8:01)

7. Mysterious Drums   Ahmed Abdel Fattah   (4:42)

8. Born Free Instrumental   Ahmed Abdel Fattah   (6:05)

9. Born Free Finale   Ahmed Abdel Fattah   (0:30)

10. With Peace and Love Instrumental  Ahmed Abdel Fattah   (5:38)

11. With Peace and Love Finale  Ahmed Abdel Fattah   (0:30)

12. Nam Ya Habibi  Ahmed Abdel Fattah. Lyrics: Ezzeldin Hassan   (5:08)

13. Nam Ya Habibi Instrumental  Ahmed Abdel Fattah   (5:06)

Total playing time: 61:29


Produced by María Paloma García-Cabanes
Recorded 2008 in Cairo at Magic Sound Studio by Ahmed Abdel Fattah

Catalogue Ref. : ND0802

©2008 Nesma Music



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